Adha Shaleh

adhaDr Adha Shaleh is a research fellow who has added value to education. Being passionate about the topic, he writes about experiential learning, soft skills, social capital, community engagement in higher education and environment education. He has co-prepared a module on 'River Care & Islam' for Global Environment Centre, Malaysia. His articles for the year of 2018, including Experiential Learning in the Digital age: Why it matters; Let's not Neglect the Soft Skills; Leveraging on Social Capital in Environmental Education; A review of the Scholarship on Engagement in Higher Education.

Being a multidiciplinary, he has gained valuable experience from social enterprises, NGOs, and academia. Adha is now helping a research project on 'Islamic Social Finance for Child Protection in Malaysia.' 

Adha enjoys marathon, archery, and creative videos. 

He is available for projects and consultations. You can reach Adha at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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