Hezri Adnan

Hezri Adnan

Dr. Hezri Adnan is currently Program Director for the Technology, Innovation, Environment and Sustainability (TIES) division at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia.

WORLD leaders will once again congregate in New York from Sept 25 to 27 this year. They will adopt the Post-2015 Development Agenda, aiming to change the world in 17 steps with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. In Seoul last month, the Korean Association for International Development and Cooperation (KAIDEC) had convened a meeting of development experts to discuss Asian perspectives on the new set of goals, targets and indicators that will replace the Millennium Development Goals. At a glance, it makes little sense to advance the proposition that there is such a thing as an Asian identity................Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)




Tuesday, 20 August 2013 00:00

The future of science

WE are grateful to science for its discoveries and inventions. Scientific research has prolonged life and eased communication and travel. For its contribution to economies and culture, science is so central to national security, economic development, and identity. The traditional scientific superpowers, the United States, Japan and Western Europe still lead the field. However, an increasingly multi-polar scientific world is shaping. Countries with notable increase in investment and scientific productivity include China, India, Brazil and South Korea. Science is by now a global enterprise. Employing more than seven million researchers worldwide, it is funded by the combined research and development of around US$1,000 (RM3,300) billion in 2011..................Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)