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Adha Shaleh

adhaDr Adha Shaleh is a research fellow at IAIS. With an interest in the Internet of Things (Iot), he is distilling data to aid his current work in Leveraging the IoT for Environment Education. A great believer in hands-on education, Adha is helping other IAIS researchers from the Science unit in putting together materials for a training module on 'River Protection'. This module aims to engage learners in a participatory learning method about Ethic, River and Communities. 

Personally, Adha has a great passion for culture, technology and society. 

He can be reached at adha@iais.org.my

Quotable Quotes

A man who trusts nobody is apt to be the kind of man nobody trusts. - Harold MacMillan

Humour Without Malice

Ahmad was speaking to his friend and shared his hapiness with him. So he said that he is fortunate to have been given two very special gifts in life. The friend was listening - there was a pause. He then asked: what are they Ahmad?Ahmad replied: one is a very good memory that God has given me. Ahmad paused again, and when his friend asked: what is the second one? Ahmad replied: Oh, wait a minute, I am trying to remember!


Righteousness is good morality, and wrongdoing is that which wavers in your soul and which you dislike people finding out about. - Hadith: An-Nawawis Forty Hadith, Number 27.

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