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Adha Shaleh

adhaDr Adha Shaleh joined IAIS as a research fellow in 2016. His current capacity has given him the opportunity to publish several articles: ‘Nurturing Naturalistic Intelligence in Education; ‘Community Engagement and the Creation of Social Capital’; Perspectives on Forest Management; Community Engagement in forest Care: What it means to the People in the Forest; Benefits of Community Engagement and Volunteering; Traditional Wisdom in Environmental Protection; Unique Approaches to Environmental Education.

In addition, he also participated in the following events ‘Development: Issue and Solution in Islamic Science and Technology’ (IKIM); Expert Group Consultation on Bio-Ethical Perspective on Haze in Malaysia (IKIM); Startup Conference WIEF, Malaysia.

Currently, he is writing a manuscript (40000 words) on Community Engagement for a Better Environment. Together with the Science Unit at IAIS, he is also preparing a module on River Protection, to be shared with the Global Environment Centre (GEC).




For everyday on which the sun rises, there is a reward for the one who establishes justice among people (al-Bukhari, vol. 3, Hadith 870).

Quotable Quotes

Peace is the tranquility of order, but tranquility is a function of justice and peace is the work of justice - Father Theodore M. Hesburgh

Humour Without Malice

A government office issued an urgent document to be distributed among its subsidiaries. To ensure that it would be delivered in time, the messenger was provided with a horse. Running behing the horse, the messenger whipped the horse until it was galloping at full speed. Someone asked him in amazement: "If it's such an urgent mission why don't you ride the horse?" The messenger asnwered: "Running on six legs is certainly quicker than on four, isn't it?"

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