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Adha Shaleh

adhaDr Adha Shaleh is a research fellow at IAIS. With an interest in the Internet of Things (Iot), he is distilling data to aid his current work in Leveraging the IoT for Environment Education. A great believer in hands-on education, Adha is helping other IAIS researchers from the Science unit in putting together materials for a training module on 'River Protection'. This module aims to engage learners in a participatory learning method about Ethic, River and Communities. 

Personally, Adha has a great passion for culture, technology and society. 

He can be reached at adha@iais.org.my

Quotable Quotes

Science is organised knowledge. Wisdom is organised life - Immanuel Kant

Humour Without Malice

A Mullah's friend asked the mulla how old are you? Forty replied the mullah. The friend said but you said the same thing two years ago! Yes, replied the mullah, I always stand by my word.


The Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, said : Shall I tell you who is kept away from Hell? Everyone who is gentle and kindly, approachable and of an easy disposition. (Hadith At-Tirmidhi)

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