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Ongoing Research

Ongoing Research

Research updates (extracted from bulletin No. 28 – Sep - Oct 2015):

Prof. Dr Mohammad Hashim Kamali has written two articles on “Women in the Workplace: Shariah and Contemporary Perspectives,” and “Amnesty and Pardon in Islamic Law with Special Reference to Post-Conflict Justice”. Both were published in Islam and Civilisational Renewal (ICR), Vol. 6 No. 3 (July 2015) and Vol. 6 No. 4 (October 2015), respectively. He also wrote a piece on “Islam and Sustainable Development” for IAIS Bulletin No. 27, July-August 2015 issue.

He presented on “Sustainability and Higher Education: An Islamic Perspective,” at the World Islamic Countries University Leaders Summit (WICULS) 2015, 30 September 2015, Putrajaya, and was keynote speaker at the International Conference – Islam, Science and Sustainable Development: Maqasid Al-Shariah and Humanity’s Well-being, 6-7 October at IAIS Malaysia. His keynote address was on “Sustainable Development from an Islamic Perspective.”

He is currently finalising his new book “Questions and Answers about Shariah” and also revising his book, Punishment in Islamic Law: An Enquiry into the Hudud Bill of Kelantan for a new enlarged edition to be published under a new title “Punishment in Islamic Law: Hudud in Malaysia and the Muslim World” Professor Kamali is also supervising the preparation of five Policy Issue Papers:

• With Tengku Ahmad Hazri, on the Constitution of Malaysia, “Beyond Turf Wars: Safeguarding Fundamental Liberties in the Syariah Courts in Malaysia
• “Sustainable and Responsible Investment” with Tawfique al-Mubarak
• “Challenges Facing the Halal Vaccines: What are the Issues?” with Ahmad Badri Abdullah,
• Two Halal PIPs with Apnizan Abdullah

1. “Shariah Parameters for the Halal Industry in Malaysia”
2. “Shariah Parameters for the Halal Standards for International Application”

Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohamed Azam Mohamed Adil is writing an article on “Implementation of Islamic Criminal Law in Malaysia: Can Hudud Law be Implemented in Malaysia?” He is also preparing an article on “Malek Bennabi” for Architects of Civilisations section on the IAIS Website. He wrote an article on “LGBT Mengancam Akidah Islam” for Dewan Tamadun Islam, DBP, Oct. 2015. He is finalising a paper on “The Challenges Facing Islamic Banking and Finance: Have They Moved Away From Their Core Objectives?” for a volume on Maqasid in Mu’amalat. He was invited by Centre for Human Rights Research and Advocacy (CENTHRA) to do a pre-recording slot on Islam and Human Rights for TV Alhijrah, 2 July 2015. He was also invited by Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies (ACIS) to give a lecture on “Kepimpinan Pelajar Holistik” at UiTM Puncak Alam on 4 July 2015. He was invited by YADIM to speak on “Diyat” at Universiti Malaya, 30 July 2015. He moderated a public lecture by Prof. Jasser Auda on Maqasid al-Shari’ah and the Challenges Facing the Muslim Youth at IAIS Malaysia on 31 July 2015. He attended the BNM 4th Module on Shari’ah Leaders Education organised by ICLIF, 12-13 August 2015. He moderated a book dissection and discussion on the Prophet Muhammad: The Hallmark of Leadership, 21 August 2015. He attended a RTD on Islamic Perspective on Sustainable Development held at IAIS, 25 August 2015. He presented a paper on Merotan Anak Dari Segi Syarak at RTD on Kecuaian Ibubapa at the Ministry of Women and Family Development, Putrajaya, 10 September 2015. He was pre-interviewed on Hari Malaysia which appeared on TV Alhijrah, 16 September 2015. He represented IAIS and became a moderator at WICULS, USIM, held at Marriot Putrajaya, 29 September 2015. Together with Dr Daud Batchelor, he organised the International Conference on Islam, Science and Sustainable Development, on 6-7 October 2015. He was a moderator for Distinguished Lecture on Terrorism by Professor Emeritus Alex P. Schmid, coorganised by GMM-IAIS, 27 October 2015. He was also a moderator, RFS at IAIS Malaysia whose guest speaker was Bro. Umar Batchelor, Young Muslim Entrepreneur, Australia, 29 October 2015.

Dr Daud Batchelor is Head of the IAIS Science, Technology, Environment and Ethics unit. Dr Daud has edited 27 conference papers for the 300-page book by international publisher Springer titled: Islamic Perspectives on Science & Technology: Selected Conference Papers expected to be published early in 2016. Daud coordinated with Conference Chairman, Professor Dr. Mohamed Azam, the International Conference on “Islam, Science and Sustainable Development: Maqasid al-Shari‘ah and Humanity’s Well-Being” held on the 6 & 7 October, 2015 at IAIS Malaysia, with a good number of participants. Prior to that, Daud together with Dr. Razi organised the Round Table Discussion on Islamic Perspectives on Sustainable Development, held at IAIS Malaysia on 25th August. Daud’s viewpoint “Enhanced Life Expectancy during the Golden Age of Islamic Civilisation” appeared in IAIS Bulletin No. 27, while the News Straits Times published the article, “Returning to Islam: Living in the Shadow” on 28th August, 2015. As an editorial committee member for the ICR and IAIS Bulletin, Daud is engaged in the review, editing and revision of articles and participates in planning meetings.

Dr. Hakimah Yaacob was awarded the best paper award from the Sadaqa House of IRCEIF KUIS for her paper entitled “Legal Analysis of establishment of Sadaqa as an entity and banking Products in Malaysia” on 29th of October 2015 at Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad Tower. This article will be published in Philanthropic Journal in December 2015 by Sadaqa House, IRCEIF, KUIS. She is currently preparing an article for the International Conference on Postgraduate Research entitled “Alternative Teaching Methodology in Islamic Finance: Analysis on the failure of HM Peterborough Social Impact Bond, Sadaqah Impact Bond and Muamalat Cases in Malaysia”. This paper is to be presented in Langkawi on 1st December 2015. For training in Islamic Finance, she has just completed a few training sessions on “Compliance and Regulatory Framework in Malaysia” under IAIS, “Ethics in Islamic Finance” under IBFIM and “Corporate and Shariah Governance in Islamic Finance for SME Banks.” She has published “Takaful Benefits as Hibah and not Faraidh” in Berita Harian.

Abdul Karim Abdullah (Leslie Terebessy) has completed a paper on “Advancing well being by means of interest-free finance,” for the latest issue of the ICR. Previously, he submitted a paper for the Architects of Civilisation section on the IAIS Website, entitled “Rumi on education, spirituality and renewal.” He is currently preparing a paper for the Bulletin and an article for the NST.

Alexander Wain joined IAIS in October 2015, prior to which he completed his DPhil (PhD) at the University of Oxford with a thesis entitled ‘Chinese Muslims and the Conversion of the Nusantara to Islam.’ Since joining IAIS, he has contributed two entries to the ‘Architects of Civilisation’ series, one on the well-known Southeast Asian scholar, Hamzah al-Fansuri, and another on the pivotal Chinese Muslim thinker, Liu Zhi. Currently, he is completing an article on the Chinese Muslim philosophical school known as the Han Kitab, to be published in the next issue of ICR. With Professor Kamali, he is also preparing the ‘Architects of Civilisation’ series for book publication.

Tawfique al-Mubarak has contributed an entry on Imam Ibn al-Qaiyyim for the Architects of Islamic Civilisation section of the IAIS website. His paper entitled “Maqasid al-Shari’ah and Economic Development: An Analysis of the Ijarah Contract” had been accepted for presentation at the ‘Waikato Islamic Studies Conference: Islam and its Relations with Others’ to be held at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, between 11 and 12 November 2015. The Policy Issues Paper on Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) Policies for Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs): A Proposal has been submitted and is currently undergoing revision. He has also submitted a paper on “The Maqasid (Objectives) of Zakah and Awqaf and their Roles in an Inclusive Financial System” for the Ummul Qura University’s 1st International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance to be held in March 2016.

Tengku Ahmad Hazri currently pursues a three-tiered research, on (1) conceptual foundations of constitutionalism in Islam; (2) constitutional reforms in the Muslim world; and (3) constitutional perspective on Islamic law in Malaysia. These provide him concurrently with a theoretical framework for constitutionalism, a global, macro-level understanding of constitutional law and politics, and a national case study or micro-level application of constitutional principles. Towards this end, he is presently writing articles on Islam and statehood and on the scope of Syariah offences under the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, in addition to a viewpoint on religious freedom and an article on the philosopher and Maliki jurist, Ibn Rushd of Cordoba, for the website’s ‘Architects of Civilisation’ series. He completed a viewpoint on “Syariah Offences and Fundamental Liberties in Malaysia” (for the ICR, October 2015) and is revising his earlier draft of a policy brief, “Beyond Turf Wars: Safeguarding Fundamental Liberties in the Syariah Courts”, under the supervision of Prof Mohammad Hashim Kamali and Dr Mohamed Azam Mohd Adil. He is also presently engaged, along with Prof Kamali and Dr Azam, in a project on Islam and constitutionalism with an organization based in Spain, and helped to prepare a speech for the Chairman of IAIS for a conference abroad. With the cooperation of IAIS analyst, Wan Naim, he is also involved in two projects on maqasid al-shariah, one on methodology, and another on maqasid in financial transactions (mu’amalat). As a member of the editorial team of the ICR and IAIS Bulletin, he is actively engaged in reviewing, editing and proof-reading submissions, writing reports of significant events and involved in editorial planning meetings.

Ahmad Badri Abdullah published a viewpoint entitled ‘Reimagining Islamic Ethics In Contemporary International Relations’ in the July 2015 issue of the ICR and published a shorter version of the article in the IAIS Bulletin (May-June, 2015). He contributed a viewpoint for the October 2015 issue of the ICR entitled ‘The Use Of Big Data and its Effects on the Right of Privacy’ as well as a shorter version of the article in the IAIS Bulletin (September-October, 2015) entitled ‘Weighing the Benefits and Harm of Big Data From the Shari’ah’s Outlook’. He contributed a newspaper article entitled ‘The Shari’ah Index Needs To Consider Systemic Approaches’ and prepared a report on the roundtable discussion entitled ‘Islamic Perspectives Sept - Oct 2015 13 on Sustainable Development’. He is now preparing a journal article for the January 2016 issue of the ICR entitled ‘The Guiding Principles of Ta’zir as a Reference For Judges in the Malaysian Common Law System: A Maqasid-based Approach’, a policy issue paper on ‘Halal Vaccines: Its Potential & Challenges’ and assisting in the preparation of the ‘Chartered Halal Compliance Executive/Officer Programme’ module.
Apnizan Abdullah has written a short article, “Misrepresentation in Takaful Contracts in Malaysia”, in IAIS Bulletin, July- August 2015 issue. In addition, her ICR viewpoint on “Is Garnishee Proceeding Feasible on Islamic Banking Deposits and Investment Accounts?” will appear in the ICR journal, October 2015 issue. Her latest article entitled, “SMIIC’s standards on Halal: A milestone towards standardisation’, appears in this current bulletin. She has also co-authored a book, ‘IFSA 2013: Commentaries on Selected Provisions” which is to be officially published in December 2015. She is continuing her research on “Shariah Parameters for Halal Industry in Malaysia”. Apart from that, she had successfully conducted a training on “Regulatory and Compliance Framework in Islamic Finance under IFSA 2013” as a co-trainer, organised by the Institute. Currently, she is involved in the preparation of training modules for Halal, which is to be held by the IAIS in collaboration with HGTC.

Wan Naim Wan Mansor joined IAIS in October 2015. He contributed an article entitled “Abu Hasan Al-Mawardi: The First Islamic Political Scientist”, to the IAIS online series “Architects of Civilisation.” The article provided an introduction to the life and thoughts of Al-Mawardi, who was born into a “rose-water” family but later become an influential thought leader in Siyasah al-Shar’iyyah for centuries. Currently, he is involved in a collaborative research project on the methodologies of Maqasid al-Shariah. He continues to research on political Islam and inter-faith engagement.

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Truly-Deeds are evaluated by their underlying intention.

Humour Without Malice

This is a real incident from Trinidad. Seeing the success of a halal meat grocery store owner, a neighboring meat store owner with a different faith decides to introduce halal meat in his own store. He puts up a huge sign on his shop saying "Halal Meat, Found Here". Curious, some Muslims decide to find out how the meat was halal. When the owner was asked where he gets the halal meat from, he says that he slaughters the animal by himself. Surprised, the Muslism ask, and what do you say when you slaughter. He says, "I say 'Halal' and cut the animal".


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