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Cruising With Islamic Finance Experts (CWIFE)

29 April 2018 -02 May 2018

Organiser:  International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia.


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Themes of Training Programme: 

i. Regulatory & Supervisory Framework in Islamic Finance
ii. Understanding BNM Shariah Standards: Murabahah, Tawarruq, Ijarah, Wakalah, Qard ,Wa’d & Hibah

Objectives of the course

1. To expose the participants to the Regulatory Framework of Islamic finance in Malaysia.

2. To equip the participants with the understanding of the applications of laws, rules and standards governing the Islamic finance industry in Malaysia.

3. To provide a platform of discussion for the participants on the issues related to the regulatory framework for Islamic finance in Malaysia

4. To expose the participants to the issues and challenges arising from the current regulatory regime for Islamic finance industry in Malaysia and its incidental impacts.

5. To discuss the key Shari’ah and operational requirements of the BNM standards on Murabahah, Tawarruq, Ijarah,  Qard, Wa’d & Hibah contracts.

6. To examine the current application of Murabahah, Tawarruq, Ijarah, Wakalah, Qard, Wa’d & Hibah contracts in the Islamic finance practice.



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Registration & Payment:

To regsiter kindly proceed to one of the following payment methods below.

Payment Method 1: by Credit/Debit Card (and Register online now) register and pay

Payment Method 2: by direct deposit or online transfer made to the following account number;

Account Name: International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia
Bank Name: CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad Account Number: 8600339794
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Payment Method 3: by cheque or bank draft to be made payable to: International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia [inform us by email if you choose this method]

Payment Method 4: by LO or letter of undertaking from your organisation or company [original letter required]



For any inquiry, please contact our Conference Executive:
Mr. Muthanna Saari

Email: muthanna@iais.org.my or Tel:+603-79569188

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