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Public Lecture: "Seeking Peace from Resolving Conflict between Buddhists and Muslims in Myanmar and Sri Lanka" by Prof. Dr. Johan Galtung

Speaker: Professor Dr. Johan Galtung, Tun Mahathir PGPF Chair for Global Peace, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws, IIUM Malaysia

Day/Date/Time: Friday, 21 November 2014, 10:00am - 12noon

Venue: International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia

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The lecture will deal with the relation Buddhism-Islam in Sri Lanka and Myanmar and Thailand, and also China and Japan; with prognosis and indications on possible solutions.


09:00am–10:00am Registration

10:00am–10:05am    Welcoming Remarks by the Moderator, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Azam Mohamed Adil
Deputy CEO, IAIS Malaysia

10:05am–10:10am    Opening Remarks by Professor Dr Mohammad Hashim Kamali, Founding CEO, IAIS Malaysia

10:10am–11:10am    Presentation by Prof. Dr. Johan Galtung

11:10am–12:00pm    Open Discussion with Q&A Session

12:00pm Concluding Remarks by Moderator, adjournment and refreshments


Johan Galtung, dr, dr hc mult, a professor of peace studies, was born in 1930 in Oslo, Norway. He is a mathematician, sociologist, political scientist and the founder of the discipline of peace studies. He founded the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (1959), the world's first academic research center focused on peace studies, as well as the influential Journal of Peace Research (1964). He has helped found dozens of other peace centers around the world.

He has served as a professor for peace studies at universities all over the world, and has taught thousands of individuals and motivated them to dedicate their lives to the promotion of peace and the satisfaction of basic human needs.

He has mediated in over 100 conflicts between states, nations, religions, civilizations, communities, and persons since 1957. Prof. Galtung's unique imprint on the study of conflict and peace stems from a combination of systematic scientific inquiry and a Gandhian ethics of peaceful means and harmony.

He is author or co author of more than 1600 articles and over 160 books on peace and related issues.

He is founder (in 2000) and rector of the TRANSCEND Peace University, the world's first online Peace Studies University. He is also the founder and director of TRANSCEND International, a global non-profit network for Peace, Development and the Environment, founded in 1993, with over 500 members in more than 70 countries around the world.


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