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International Conference: Developing Synergies Between Islam and Science & Technology for Mankind’s Benefit

Date: 1 & 2 October 2014 (Wednesday & Thursday)

Venue: IAIS Malaysia, Jalan Elmu, Off Jalan Universiti, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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  • To promote a better understanding of the key issues related to religion in general, and to Islam in particular, in the current pursuit of scientific knowledge and in enhancing the well-being of humanity at large;
  • To address urgent ethical issues related to human biology / medical sciences and impacts on the living environment;
  • To Investigate a more holistic Tawhid-based methodology for the teaching of science in Islamic educational institutions.


  1. A Living Earth: Understanding the Nature of Man and the Divine in Nature.
  2. Science & Technology and Tawhidic Civilisational Values – For Mankind’s Benefit or Peril?
  3. The Role of Fiqh in Addressing Developments in Islam and Science & Technology, especially concerning Quality of Life matters.
  4. Bioethics – Priorities and the Way Forward [considering stem cells, cloning, body parts, umbilical blood bank, IVF, GMF, etc.]
  5. Islam and the History and Philosophy of Science
  6. Addressing the Nexus – Wasteful Consumerism, Resources Depletion, and Growth Economics in the context of contentment (Qana’at) and self-reform (Tazkiyah).
  7. Environmental Ethics to the Fore – Convincing Decision-makers and the Public
  8. Teaching Science and Technology from a (Tawhidic) Islamic Perspective.
  9. The Role of Governments, Institutions, Corporations and NGOs in Research on Islam and Science.
  10. Towards Unified Ramadan Observances and Eid Celebrations - Considerations of Fiqh, Science and Governance.
  11. Quantum Mechanics and Theoretical Physics from a Metaphysical Perspective.


This conference is about Science & Technology and values, and the total domination of Science by the secularist paradigm. Science in Islam is anchored on ethics and civilisational values reflective of a merger of knowledge and spirituality under the umbrella of Tawhid. Science & Technology has however, become increasingly divorced from ethics and often used for the advantage of powerful elites and corporations that often imperil mankind’s very existence - from global environmental dysfunction to suffering inflicted by depleted uranium shells and mines in former war zones, to tapping into our private email correspondence. We acknowledge the great advances in technological discovery using the western paradigm based on a rational methodology. However this path has not integrated with the metaphysical perspective, which is the next frontier for science and humanity.

A number of important themes will be explored that address the deep metaphysical and cosmological issues regarding the role of Science & Technology. The purpose is not only to enhance understanding of our position in the “grand scheme of things”, but also the ethical issues pertaining to the sound application of the basic Sciences in serving humanity. The Conference will draw on Islamic teachings to develop a collegiate approach and synergy with the belief in a Creator who has entrusted humankind to husband and utilise His creation wisely for the common good of humanity.

Islam‘s comprehensive unitarian (tawhidic) approach offers some advance over the currently prevailing mechanistic understanding of the phenomenal world, with the potential for human enlightenment and spiritual progress. Also to be addressed is the current thinking that science knows the answers and the fundamental questions are all settled.  Science is being held back in the West by hallowed assumptions that have hardened into dogmas. This Conference then should address the major role that religion, and Islam in particular, can play in this regenerative process.

There should be no conflict between scientific and religious truths, which have the same provenance. Religion and science are allies in search for truth and not adversaries. The facts uncovered by science can help us understand the religious truth, while religious insight can help supply “the missing pieces in the puzzles of scientific knowledge.”

Seyyed Hossein Nasr proposed in his 1995 conference paper on “The Islamic Worldview and Modern Science” the following steps as the Way Forward:

  1. 1. Conduct an in-depth study of traditional Islamic sources from the Qur’an and hadith to modern science, cosmology, etc.
  2. 2. Study modern science at the highest level, in particular the basic sciences
  3. 3. Revive traditional Islamic sciences especially in medicine, pharmacology, and agriculture
  4. 4. Re-wed science and ethics through the philosophical foundations of science.

The seminal concept of promoting an overarching religious perspective could be addressed first and foremost in the manner of teaching the sciences from a Tawhidic perspective for mankind’s benefit – one of the Conference themes. Contemporary problems in some fields such as wasteful consumerism would seem to require a religious-based solution since it necessitates reform of one’s desires (tazkiyyah) and advancing the Islamic ideal of contentment (qana’at).


  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu



  1. The fee will cover the conference package (proceedings, meals) only. Participants cover their own travelling and accommodation expenses.
  2. A group discount of 10% is available for three or more participants from one institution or corporation registering together.
  3. An early bird discount of 15% off the registration fee is offered for registration received before 17th August 2014.
  4. Registration is not complete until payment has been made.
  5. Any cancellation after 26th September 2014 will be forfeited.

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Payment by cheque or bank draft

To be made payable to: International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia

Proof of payment should be e-mailed to: finance@iais.org.my

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