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Pemanasan global dan perubahan iklim benar-benar berlaku dan perlu perhatian serius dalam menanganinya. Peningkatan suhu dunia akibat pemanasan global terjadi apabila atmosfera bumi dan permukaannya dipanaskan secara beransur-ansur oleh haba (gelombang inframerah) yang terperangkap serta tidak terlepas ke luar angkasa..............................Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)





In the past, fasting was attributed to human spiritual belief in worshiping God for meditation reasons. It has been practised for thousands of years in serving various purposes of life. It is still a practice today. Generally, the practitioners are subjected to certain dietary procedure which trains them to be better disciplined to gain better self-control.


Fasting to Muslims is a practice of abstaining from food and drinks, sexual contact, arguments and unkind language or acts from dawn to sunset. It is the fourth pillar of Islam. 

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The beauty of a person's Islam is manifested in his silence over matters which do not concern him.

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The Ameer of the town appealed for funds to build a wall around the graveyard. Mulla Nasruddin, who was also present, got up and responded: "There is absolutely no need for any wall around the graveyard!"


God the Most High loves it when someone brings happiness to a believer by satisfying his hunger, dispelling his worries, or paying off his debt. (hadith)

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