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Malaysian Legal and Corporate Conference 2015: The Corporate Perspective

Date: 7 & 8 October 2015
Venue: St Giles The Gardens Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Event website: www.mlcc.com.my

About MLCC 2015

The Malaysian Legal and Corporate Conference (MLCC) is a biennial event jointly organised by The Malaysian Current Law Journal (CLJ) and Bar Council Malaysia. This event, themed 'Changes & Challenges: The Corporate Perspective', brings to the fore recent legal and corporate developments within the region and explores the effect of these on both sides of the divide.

The MLCC provides a dynamic and provocative platform for discourse on emerging issues that are dominating current events, and offers the perfect opportunity for all stakeholders to hear from thought-leaders in the industry.

The Conference offers a unique opportunity for senior executives from different industries to interact with their peers, network and to exchange ideas on local and global issues affecting business, competitiveness, and the economy. Corporate and legal executives will discover strategies to gain a competitive advantage through innovative initiatives highlighted at this event.

With this in mind, the organisers have brought together a panel of speakers who have notable experience in their respective fields to share their knowledge and insights in this two-day event. Our forum panellists and experienced facilitators will contribute to a stimulating experience for all who are in attendance.

As one of the supporting partner's IAIS Malaysia is helping to advertise this conference, for further information and/or to register please visit the event website: www.mlcc.com.my

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A man went to Ibn 'Aqeel and said, "Whenever I plunge myself two to three times into a river to take a bath, I am not sure whether the water reached every part of my body, and am consequently unsure whether I have purified myself. What should I do?" He said "Do not pray." "Why do you say that?" Ibn 'Aqeel answered: "Allah's messenger [pbuh] said, 'The pen is lifted from three: from the child until he reaches adulthood, from the one who is sleeping until he wakes up, and from the insane man until he regains his senses.' And whoever plunges himself into a river once, twice and then three times, yet still feels that he has not taken a bath is insane."


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